Quality Policy

The top management defines the company's quality policy as a way of expressing its commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous improvement. This policy is adequate to the purposes of Prodimeda Cía. Ltda. and to the expectations and needs of its customers. It is reviewed to ensure its continued applicability, and is controlled as an integral part of this manual.

The top management ensures that it is communicated to the organization's personnel through different means that ensure its understanding.

The Quality Policy of Prodimeda Cía. Ltda. is:

"Prodimeda Cía. Ltda. Imports, markets medical devices, non-invasive medical equipment under quality standards, with national coverage, committed to the principles of universality, continuity, timeliness, reliability, ensuring the operation of critical processes, meeting the needs of its customers and applicable requirements, safeguarding the integrity of the staff, through an efficient management system focused on continuous improvement".

Quality Objectives

The following Quality Objectives are derived from this policy:

1. Customer satisfaction

2. Maintain the integral index of financial efficiency.

3. Maintain trained and competent personnel

4.     Growth in sales

5.     Improve the company's profitability

6.     Ensure conditions for the recovery of operations.

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