Dear Customer:

PRODIMEDA CIA. LTDA. Based on the stipulations of the organic health law and the regulations for the exchange of medicines in general close to expiration issued on September 02, 2019, official record 30, details the criteria for the generation of a product return.

Legal guarantee:

Before any request for return of products, the customer must ensure that the merchandise was purchased directly from Prodimeda Cia Ltda, for this purpose they must attach the invoice number

Product returns due to shipment of merchandise with shortages, leftovers, changed products and in poor condition, which are not attributable to the customer, whose notification must be executed within a maximum of 48 working hours after receipt, after which no claim will be admissible.

Returns due to inefficiency of products, whose function is not fulfilled or is partially fulfilled, upon presentation of a product efficiency report.

All products purchased with special discount will not be subject to returns.

Institutions of the integral health network: Returns due to expiration date, prior notice with 60 days in advance, applies to 15% to units of the integral public health network and 10% to reverse auction processes and small amount, the exchange will be generated with products with a minimum expiration date of 12 months (article 12, official record 30).

Exchanges of products for other products will only be generated by other institutions of the public health network, under request of the pharmacotherapy committee or whoever takes its place.

Miscellaneous customers: Returns due to expiration date to pharmacies, clinics, hospitals and private doctors, whose exchange will be made up to a maximum of 10% in reference to the amount delivered, criterion that applies only to products purchased in Prodimeda Cia Ltda. in the last year.

No refunds will be received for the following brands. BRAUN and ROCHE.


If the customer repeatedly incurs in a considerable number or volume of returns, he/she is informed that he/she will lose the right to accept the products to be returned.

Distributors: Products close to expiration date and/or low rotation will not be accepted for any reason.

Returns of products in poor condition or for differences in specifications in quantity or variety, up to 48 working hours after receipt.

Not all returns from surplus and exchanged products will generate a credit note, since it depends on a previous technical review of the products and their subsequent authorization.

Guarantee of quality specifications:

Products must be delivered to Prodimeda Cia Ltda. under the following guidelines:

It must be in the same conditions of delivery, that is, without scratches, without blows, without signs of deterioration, not used (except those with efficiency problems) and without labels.

Under no circumstances the products will be sent to Prodimeda Cia Ltda. without the corresponding authorization and approval, the company will not be responsible for the expenses generated to the clients.

Any irregularity presented must be notified by telephone to our customer service line 1800-776346 or email: at the time of delivery or maximum 48 working hours after receiving the merchandise.

The credit notes generated will be sent by Prodimeda within a period not exceeding 5 working days after receipt of the goods, being totally forbidden for customers to generate any kind of discount on subsequent invoices.

Prodimeda's maximum term for the collection of merchandise will be 10 working days in the city of residence and 30 working days on tour.

The conditions and terms established in this return policy are accepted by the customer at the moment he/she signs the waybill during the reception of the products.

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